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When a picture speaks 1,000 words…. what do you want yours to be saying?

corporate-headshots-los-angelesDoes your Image on your business card or website say friendly, successful, competent or inviting?

Your business headshot usually needs to convey confidence that you are an expert in your field. Whether you are a CEO, Lawyer, on the Board, Doctor or Executive — you want professional business portraits that put you in the best light.

Clients respond to visual aids like your Image just as to your resume. Is your picture old and outdated/black & white?

That speaks volume to a future client “is this person up to date with the new laws?” “do they have the edge on new marketing ideas?”

Photos can be a good substitute for a lack of face-to-face connection and combined with teleconferences, webinars or even personal phone calls it can have a great impact on your business.

Simple as they may seem at first glance, creating an effective corporate headshot requires a sophisticated photographer capable of understanding the branding of your business, and of translating that into a visual message.


Not only can you use your headshot for your Web site/Business card, it is excellent tool to have for use in trade magazines and other media and a valuable asset to add to your marketing budget regularly. Yes regularly keep this photo updated. Looking good, professional and up-to-date has never been as crucial as it is now. Headshots are becoming more important in the business world. Latest developments on the market suggest that many corporate employers nowadays are asking their potential employees to submit their Headshots when they are applying for a job.

A few tips on creating a great corporate image:

1. Take two or three changes of clothing so you can experiment with contrasting colors.

2. Communicate with your Photographer the Image you are trying to convey. What type business are you in? What is your corporate or business culture? Look at other photos of those in your company for samples to compare.

3. If you are in a creative field, let the photographer know what type of look you want to portray. Send samples of images you like ahead of time so you and your photographer are on the same page and you won’t have any surprises later.

4. Colors that work great on most people are mid tones like grays, blues, greens. Avoid harsh blacks or whites. Don’t wear loud stripes or checks. Avoid herringbone.

5. For women, stay natural with make-up ( no bright red lipstick), make sure you have powder handy for eliminate sheen. Men, make sure you shave not directly before your shoot, your skin still might be red and blotchy, give it enough time for your skin to relax.

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