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Actor/ Artist Headshot

Artist/ Actor Headshot
Artist/ Actor Headshot


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What do I need to know before my next corporate headshot session?

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What is the image going to be used for?
Print and online images need a different resolution, it’s important to figure out if your image will be used in print or just on the web most time different charges apply, make it clear with the photographer ahead of time.  FotostudioLA is always including at min the retouched images in high resolution so you never have to worry about those issues down the line, if an article about you is going to be printed in a paper.



Is there a good view or modern/ upscale office/ lobby I should make use of?
If you have a nice office with unique or modern features, furniture or view you might want to consider using in within your corporate session. That will give your costumer and associates a better idea of your business. In that case I most suggest to have a shot with backdrop and environmental portrait as well.
FotostudioLA is prepared with a mobile studio including backdrop and lighting.



What is the mood and attitude I want to have come across in my portrait?
It’s a good idea to consult with the photographer what you’re looking to archive and what profession you’re in and style you want to project. A good photographer should always be able to adjust lighting, backdrop to create the atmosphere best suited for your type of business. Stay away from a photographer that will not give an individual consultation, not all corporate Headshots are created equal.
FotostudioLA will make sure to give you a consultation and figure out what setting and backdrop will fit your profession the best.

Should I take a more traditional approach with backdrop or lighting or do I want to push the envelop and go for something more edgy and modern?
It helps to research your field and find out which direction you want to go in and disguss with your photographer ahead of time, so he or her can be prepared at the time of the shoot.
FotostudioLA likes to create up to date modern approach to corporate images, but usually I like to shoot a bit of both so my clients have an option.
Physician --------------------------------- Architect -------------------------------Realtor ---------------------------- Attorney


Do I want to go with a standart black suit or should I consider other colors to best suit my skin tone and work with the photographers set and lighting?

Black is actually not the best color to choose, it becomes more difficult to pick up all detail in the suit and mix the light so your skin is not overexposed. Usually I recommend charcoal grey or an other solid midtone (green, blue, brown, etc.) is flattering on most people. Avoid anything too close to your own skintone ( beige, blush pink, or very pale peach and light gray)
Avoid wearing clothing with patterns or accessories that distract from your face. Very bright reds, yellows and oranges can also be distracting.

Should I wear Jewelry?
Less is more, stay simple unless your career is very creative and it adds to your character. 

How much Make-up should I apply?
For women a light foundation with power is good to even out skintone. Avoid heavy liners around eyes and lips, stay matt with blush and eyeshadow since too much shimmer will catch too much light and will make you look botchy. Stay with a light solid lip in a natural lip color, a gloss can give you a burnmark on your lips that can look unflattering. I usually provide powder for men to avoid too much sheen.

How much retouching/ color correction is the photographer including?
Before booking a photographer take some time and check over the portfolio, retouching is an art and everybody has a different method,  some photographers can go overboard and it will look fake or dated and some won’t retouch business shots at all. So make sure the samples will look natural. Here at FotostudioLA I crop and color correct each image before I turn them over to you. Additionally you will be able to pick your favorites shot to apply additional photoshop.

As a man do I need to worry about retouching?
Yes, sorry. Everybody has something that needs to be retouched, especially sun damage in the summer time. In general men need to have at least have a basic retouch to have a professional look. That will include lighten up teeth, whites of the eyes, under eye area, even out skin tone, straighten out a crooked smile, soften lines, break outs and razor burns.


retouching before/ after

Will I own the right to my image?
The photographer retains the image copyright but grants you permission/ usage rights to your image for business purposes.  Be sure to ask about this before you book your session. In most cases I give my clients unlimited usage rights for self promotion. 12012 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 423 Los Angeles CA 90025, Phone 323 743 3220

Commercial Actor’s Headshot

Actor's Headshot Los Angeles
Commercial Actor's Headshot


Actor’s Headshots             Portraits              Editorial              Corporate             Family Portrait            Public Relation

Why do I need a Professional Headshot?

corporate headshot photographer los angeles

With the increasing Social Media and online Magazines popping up everywhere it’s just a matter of time when an average bad lighting, poor quality snapshot is not going to do it.  People spend a fortune on education, schooling and getting a carrier of the ground. Why use an amateur photo? Don’t do yourself a disservice and ruin your public image with an old, outdated photo.  

It is becoming very common place now for a client to do research on you before they hire you or use your services and putting a professional and approachable corporate headshot of yourself online will help put a human face on your company/brand to help them connect to you. 

A professional headshot is more than just the technical aspect of lighting and exposure. It’s important for branding your professional identity.  I can’t tell you how many times I get calls because somebody needs a professional image yesterday because of a magazine deadline that an article of them is going to be published in or a PR announcement.

In the internet age, you will have to live with that image FOREVER.  So why not to make sure you put some planning into it and create something that you’re proud to represent yourself with.

CÔTÉ OR Rose Champagne, featured at last StyleshopUSA Style Showroom

CÔTÉ OR Rose Champagne, featured at last StyleshopUSA Style Showroom
CÔTÉ OR Rose Champagne, featured at last StyleshopUSA Style Showroom