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How to prepare for a Headshot session

corporate-headshots-los-angelesIf you have an agent or manager, get his/her input! Your representation will most likely have lots of opinions, so it’s best to get them BEFORE you spend the time and money on new Headshots.

Think about what you want to convey in your pictures? What types of roles do you want to play? Are you gearing for commercials, theatre or films? Not only should you embody specific character types throughout your photo session, but your wardrobe should reflect them as well. Headshots in Los Angeles need to be very specific geared directly towards the role you are submitting for. This can be a deal breaker when a casting director is looking though hundreds of photos.

Bring 2×3 times the wardrobe choices to the looks you’re planning to shoot. Think of layering to make it more interesting, Don’t pick too trendy clothes that will be outdated next season. Pick solid colors, avoid loud, busy patterns, logs and florals. Incorporate bold color, as well as neutral tones within our wardrobe options. Accessories like hats, scarfs , gloves also will help to create a character. Look for specific colors, which highlight and enhance your skin tone and hair and or eye color.

Make sure you bring the right undergarments for the session such as the right bra type (nude strapless) and color as well as any body contouring garments enhancing your features.

Bring your wardrobe ironed on hangers, every wrinkle will show, unless you’re going for the “bad boy” look. Make sure garments haven’t been over-laundered and are stain free (everything shows). Study yourself in a mirror and practice expressions. Be aware of any unwanted facial expressions such as eye squinting or showing too much of your gums when smiling as well as nose and forehead wrinkling.

There should be some eyebrow shaping for both, men and women. If you do not feel comfortable reshaping your own eyebrows, hire a professional you have worked with before hand from a local beauty salon. If you are prone to skin irritations, have hot wax hair removal treatments done a minimum of two to three days prior to the session and clean any strays with the tweezers. Men should shave early in the morning not just before the shoot. I had too many men show up for the photo session with red blotchy, irritated skin.

Manicure your nails. Choose a soft nail color to avoid distractions from your face. This is especially important if you plan close-up photos including your hands or show your hands in a ¾ shot.

If you plan doing your own make-up stay with a neutral color palette (no blue eye shadow or bright red lips) bring your make-up bag especially powder.

Eat a protein bar on your way to the studio so you have good energy and not feeling lethargic/ fatigued. Always carry water so you stay dehydrated.

At last, kids/ pets/ spouses and photo shoots don’t mix, unless they suppose to be in the picture. It’s easy to be distracted for you and the photographer. Your  focus needs to be 100% on the task at hand.

The power of a PR Photo- 10 tips of building your “Image”

corporate-headshots-los-angelesPR photos are an important tool for creating and building individual and corporate identity that is often under utilized, and from my point of view as a professional photographer certainly under appreciated.  Photography has always been an effective public relations tool. My experience goes back 10+ years to the days of setting up darkrooms in all kinds of locations and hustling wet prints to the nearest wire service office.  Today with our powerful digital photography capabilities and the infinite requirement the internet has for content its value as a PR device has never been so great.

I would argue that all enterprises and individual entrepreneurs should incorporate photography into their PR and marketing programs.  Listed below are ten suggested ideas and methods for utilizing public relations photography to build your “image” and enhance your personal brand.

Prepare a set of high quality photographs in advance to anticipate a media request or public relations opportunity.  Having some shot “in the can” that illustrate your products, facilities and key personnel that are ready to send will help you capitalize on unexpected  publication offers. I can’t count how many times I had clients call me needing a rush job because the Magazine or Newspaper deadline is in 2 days. Needless to say with out a lot of prep and thought you might not get your image across the way you thought, and you will have to live with it forever.

    1. Business portraits and Headshots are essential for any entrepreneur.  Having a professionally created portrait of your company personnel is necessary in building a personal connection via social media.  The business mantra that “people buy from who they know“ is still true today and your portrait online is a powerful method to become “known”.  These shots are great for business notices and identifiers for blog postings and other marketing material.
    2. Headshots are great for some uses but having an environmental type portrait will work best with editorial outlets.  Images of the person in their work environment or in a setting that adds information about them are better illustrations for editors.  Environmental portraits provide context for the person and more readily transmit a narrative to the viewer.
    3. Make the investment in professional photography services. Digital cameras are common and seemingly in every device you can imagine, truly anyone can take a picture. The distinction for the purposes of your brand is that snapshots will not enhance your image.  Professionally conceived and created photography literally presents you in the best light.  Hire a pro to achieve professional results.
    4. Provide editors and media outlets a good variety of images to select from.  The more options they have in layout and design choices the greater the likelihood your images will be published.  A mix of portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientated photos, shots with negative space for headlines and copy and unique points of view are all appreciated by editors, so give them what makes them happy!
    5. Follow submission guidelines carefully.  Sending an image correctly formatted and prepared according to the publications requirements is essential.  Send the photography and illustration incorrectly and you will not get published.  Using a pro photographer adept with photo editing tools and familiar with the process can be critical to avoiding submission problems.
    6. Use images that tell a story and specifically match up to the narrative you are providing with the press release content it is accompanying.  Your visual content is critical to convincing an editor of your value for publication. Photos get stories printed and most importantly read so send out complete packages.
    7. Make sure to correctly caption and keyword  your images to take advantage of the SEO potential photography has as online content.  Image file meta data is searchable text that can be enhanced to maximize your branding and messaging online. Once again using a pro photographer familiar with this process will justify the investment in will add power to your imagery.
    8. Cropping is Key, make sure you fill the frame.  Avoid using photography that has a lot of vacant area especially over the head, that makes the subject smaller and distracts the viewer.  Well designed and composed photographs.
    9. Take chances with your photography and show unusual viewpoints and scenes.  Often a story will get published simply because the photography is so attention grabbing.  The same visual impact that gets the editor’s attention works doubly on attracting the viewer to your messaging.
    10. just do it, chances are your first set of photographs might not come out exactly as you envisioned, it takes practice to convey the right attitude in your pictures. Practice makes perfect.

We provide photography for business, for your convenience at your Location with our mobile Studio in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Contact us for a personalised quote for a photo session


What wardrobe to pick for Portraits

What wardrobe to pick for Portraits

corporate-headshots-los-angelesCome to the shoot with 5 or 6 tops and one pair of jeans or cool pants that are basic and neutral to wear throughout the shoot. We mostly go for the eyes so don’t worry too much about “whole outfits”!!! It’s “EYES” that sell! What tends to work best on women are fitted tops in all sorts of colors- the weirder and funkier the better! White or neutrals/color (blues, reds, grays) are great, too, but because color is the new bang, make sure you pack your favorite fun colored tops. TIGHT LONG SLEEVE tops in solid colors also work well. You can bring a top with pattern or a sundress, but generally, it’s best to go for basic solids. Bring tops you love and feel pretty in (like a top you’d wear on a date!). We love shooting textured sweaters, again in solid colors or neutrals.


For men, we recommend a solid blue or other colored button down shirt, clean cotton t-shirts, a white t-shirt and a couple solid colored t-shirts and a few tops/sweaters you like. Textured sweaters look great and dark long sleeve tight fitting shirts work really well, too- Banana Republic is a good place to splurge before the shoot! If you want a shot with a jean jacket or leather one, bring it along, too. Same thing applies for men as it does for women- texture reads well and wear tops you’d wear on a first interview or special event!!!


FOR MODELING ..GO CRAZY!! Flip through your favorite fashion mags and try to copy outfits you think are interesting and “stylized” – e.g., American Apparel (an 80’s look), a fancy dress, casual, sporty, etc. Bring a few different pairs of shoes and accessories you want to throw in…but don’t overpack! We can kick a shoot to the sky with very little and you don’t want to look tired from hauling a huge piece of luggage to the shoot! (you can always drop off clothes the day before, though- so go ahead and have fun with it!!) If you would like to hire a stylist, we have a list of the best- they generlly charge $250-$500 plus gratuity. They’ll bring you a bunch of items from their trunks, (sometimes they even sew something special just for you!)- they bring shoes and jewelry, and having a stylist can make the difference between a more pedestrian looking shoot to a more professional one- so think about it!


When a picture speaks 1,000 words…. what do you want yours to be saying?

corporate-headshots-los-angelesDoes your Image on your business card or website say friendly, successful, competent or inviting?

Your business headshot usually needs to convey confidence that you are an expert in your field. Whether you are a CEO, Lawyer, on the Board, Doctor or Executive — you want professional business portraits that put you in the best light.

Clients respond to visual aids like your Image just as to your resume. Is your picture old and outdated/black & white?

That speaks volume to a future client “is this person up to date with the new laws?” “do they have the edge on new marketing ideas?”

Photos can be a good substitute for a lack of face-to-face connection and combined with teleconferences, webinars or even personal phone calls it can have a great impact on your business.

Simple as they may seem at first glance, creating an effective corporate headshot requires a sophisticated photographer capable of understanding the branding of your business, and of translating that into a visual message.


Not only can you use your headshot for your Web site/Business card, it is excellent tool to have for use in trade magazines and other media and a valuable asset to add to your marketing budget regularly. Yes regularly keep this photo updated. Looking good, professional and up-to-date has never been as crucial as it is now. Headshots are becoming more important in the business world. Latest developments on the market suggest that many corporate employers nowadays are asking their potential employees to submit their Headshots when they are applying for a job.

A few tips on creating a great corporate image:

1. Take two or three changes of clothing so you can experiment with contrasting colors.

2. Communicate with your Photographer the Image you are trying to convey. What type business are you in? What is your corporate or business culture? Look at other photos of those in your company for samples to compare.

3. If you are in a creative field, let the photographer know what type of look you want to portray. Send samples of images you like ahead of time so you and your photographer are on the same page and you won’t have any surprises later.

4. Colors that work great on most people are mid tones like grays, blues, greens. Avoid harsh blacks or whites. Don’t wear loud stripes or checks. Avoid herringbone.

5. For women, stay natural with make-up ( no bright red lipstick), make sure you have powder handy for eliminate sheen. Men, make sure you shave not directly before your shoot, your skin still might be red and blotchy, give it enough time for your skin to relax.

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

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